Thursday, June 21, 2007

PINOY BIG BROTHER Season 2: The Conflicting Women

Lately, there has been a stir in the reality series Pinoy Big Brother season 2. The female housemates namely Wendy, Beatriz, and Gee-Ann were having a sour situation in the house where the ‘Big Four’ from the present seven is going to be chosen. The conflict started with the nomination of the next evictees in the house where Gee-Ann nominated Wendy and Bruce (the bf of Wendy in the house) with Beatriz also nominating the two. For the past week, the house has been in hot situation since the start of the ‘harapang nomination’ where the nominees are made to announce their nomination in front of the other housemates. On the nomination night, Wendy reacted to the nominations of the two saying that Gee-Ann and Beatriz are plastic and not being real to her from the start because they nominated her and drank red wine with Bruce while spraying her madness about the nomination to the male housemates. Wendy has been so mad about it that she even resorted to letting the two overhear her madness on her in the hallway of the house and also when she was confronted by Big Brother in the confession room where she said that Gee-Ann is not worthy for the cash prize because of the fact the latter comes from a better living in the society and that both Gee-Ann and Beatriz are not being real to her from the start because they are not showing the real self of the two to her. She even made her madness clear to the two to the point that she closes the doors of the cabinets and the girl’s room with force.

The conflict escalates to the whole house because it resulted to the division between the side of Wendy’s group namely Nel, Bruce and Bodie to Gee-Ann’s pairing with Beatriz (simply because they are the subjects of Wendy’s wild intuitions). The present situation of the house resulted to the public’s negative comments about Wendy in internet forums regarding the conflict inside the house. With Wendy’s violent reaction to Gee-Ann and Beatriz, the possibility of her and Bruce going to the ‘Big Four’ is getting slimmer chances.

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