Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Coconut oil plant fire results to oil spill in Iligan Bay

(Photo of: Ilon Restauro Baguio of Facebook) 
The fire yesterday at Granex Philippines, a known manufacturer of Minola cooking oil, that went into general alarm, resulted into an oil spill as seen by local residents who posted their pictures on popular media sites. The oil spill, which is situated at the shores nearby the fire site, were seen in the early morning today by residents. Though the scale of the oil spill may not be as big as that of what happened near Iloilo and Bacolod a few years ago, the detrimental impact of the spill could affect the recently re-developed coral reef that the local fishermen,NGOs and residents had a few years back.

As of this time, social media practitioners have called on to the respective agencies as well as concerned parties to help clean the oil spill as damage could escalate until further action is done.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Ai-ai confesses on national tv: Vegas marriage ends in one month

pep.ph the buzz boy abunda
photo credit: Instagram and Pep.ph
Sunday shows are always showbiz talkshows here in the Philippines. Yesterday, I slept the whole afternoon because the night before I was re-formatting my 2 PCs so I lacked sleep. Overhearing this confession yesterday, I thought it was another Barretto-kin confrontation on national tv since these names were very much hot issue especially that it escalated to posting of explicit pictures of Marjorie over the internet. When I woke up, I saw that it was Ai-ai de Alas and it was a terrible shock: the marriage is broken up in one month.

I thought to myself, "Yeah, yeah..another showbiz marriage broken up..(what else is new?)" But before I got up, as I was half-sleeping, I overheard her say "...fairytales..." After so many years in the industry you have a comedian giving us laughs in her movies and sitcoms but devoid of happy ending in marriage. As far as I can remember she had broken relationships before this one but this one is a startling revelation. After being married barely a month, they broke up citing physical attacks and third party. I am not laughing for this lady since she needs our sympathy with this happening in her personal life. And, yes, it is very understandable that a showbiz personally would normally run for the spotlight to open her grief and sorrow--- a release that we normally do when we have problems of our own.

Fairytales, happy endings, are of course, normal children's bedtime story we heard over and over again. Movies are even created for children to make them realize that their dreams and wishes do come true. I won't say Ai-ai doesn't have the right to claim this ending phrase of a bedtime story because it also does give us a  moral lesson from those bedtime stories--that once you remain dreaming, down to earth, pursuing under pressure; you will reap a happy ever after ending in life--and Ai-ai herself had a very successful life, career and children. She had her own happy endings through her life in different chapters. We've had so much readings of happy endings in fairy tale stories in our childhood and never ending happiness in our adolescent to adult years in novel and movies. But, sometimes we ought to live life realistically and consider that sometimes, bedtime stories is not part of life. Bedtimes stories create an imagination in a child's mind, to continue to wish and be good, as this is what fairy tale stories tell us. In the adult world, this is not the case. There are realizations that we need to consider. And these realizations hurt. Sometimes before we realize, the agony and pain have already restrained us from realizing those dreams.

Relationships do work, but sometimes they don't. But that doesn't mean life ends in a single setting. Like movies, we have to start accepting the oddities of life and re-enter a chapter of understanding and realization. A new sequel starts and there is another twist in a bad ending story. For Ai-ai, she has a wonderful life, has children, and her career is blooming. It doesn't end in a man's shadow. To have endured so much about men and be victim of love and promises, this is supposed to be where she is control already: enduring relationships, be hurt and start over again with another promise from yet another man. But just like the saying, she is only human to err and a woman who gets swept away from promises. One thing I can console to Miss Ai-ai, your life is complete. You have the money, fame, and family to live on. And oh!, by the way, Vegas marriages are not part of fairy tale stories.

Eurovision 2013 winner is Danish Emmelie de Forest

American Idol, The Voice, British Got Talent, and so on, the world has witnessed promising talents that became stars for the past decade or so now. Even here in the Philippines, media outlets have scrambled upon taking rights to these talent search franchises that have take the world by storm. In fact, this country has already renowned itself for bringing new faces that represent Filipino talent to the world stage like Charice, Arnel Pineda (The Journey), Lea Salonga, and etc. They all highlighted the talents that would bring the world into awe.

Recently, the Eurovision 2013 has produced also a good exposure that tries to represent each country in Europe to a song contest. I think this the European equivalent of the Asian Song Festival where Filipinos have also showcased their talent in singing although this singing contest was found in 1956. Since then, the contest is broadcast not only in Europe but also around the world including the United States, the Philippines, and all other countries. It is the most watched non-sporting event globally with an estimated 100 million to 600 million viewers globally. Recently, the Eurovision 2013 has just presented us their newest winning contender in Emmelie de Forest who performed a folk rendition mixed with a techno-pop sound in her performance. She is a 20 year old Danish, represented her country by winning the contest there singing, "Only Teardrops" for which she clinched the title at a performance in Malmo, Sweden. From being selected to represent her country, she slugged it out among the different singers across Europe. Among the notable winners of this contest was Celine Dion who won for Switzerland (1988), Julio Iglesias for Spain, Bucks Fizz for UK (1981), and Abba for Sweden (1974).

The show is said to set these nations and part from their differences to get united in music. It is a big production that lately catered to about 26 songs for viewers to watch in just one sitting. For a country born with lots of singers, the Philippines has never heard of such big extravaganza of song contest the brings in a lot of viewing population from one continent towards the globe.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Nancy Binay win 'bash'

Winners have been proclaimed and election fever has ended. However, people have been so frantic about some winning candidates in the social media. Among those bickered for winning is Nancy Binay. Most people questioned her reign to the senate seat as her parent, Jejomar Binay is the present vice president of the country. Referred to as a 20-year OJT to the senate seat, social media arguments as well as mainstream media frenzy have ganged up to this lady. And most especially, there are photos posted about this lady that pertains to being the "grilled meat" once she seats among the likes of Miriam Santiago.

Why did she win? And, if ever we can't pinpoint the reasons, to some, the main culprit is the voting majority, the masses that are the D and E category, which most of groups in social media have referred to as the real deal 'masa' or the common Juan. In social media for the past few days, it was this lower categories whom people bent their ire for making 'unwanted' or  'less preferrable winners' for those in the upper classes of the society. Some blamed referred to them as the 'bobo majority' for seating her up in the top 6 of the senate race. Belonging to the social level category where most can only earn barely a dollar per day, common Juan, as it seems, needs to feed his average of five children, need to earn a cent to survive. And then, he could have had parents too who had a hard time trying to earn to send them for school which is not only a recent happening, but rooted way back to the early years of the 80s. So, do we need to remain bickering with this blame game? Do we really need to blame the common Juan or do we need to look at the electoral process?

One has to understand that not only the common Juan is to be changed. The election culture in the Philippines is like a common barrio fiesta in this country--a parade where the popular, the most reveled  seemingly close friend, who has the common features of Juan--simple laid back and 'maka-masa'. It is camaraderie that is connections, kumpares, and common interests. Sad to reiterate but this is true. We always forget that everytime there is election season, some of us gather and be divided because of the seemingly idolization of these political entities. Little do we know, once we become too close-hearted to these individuals, we also add chaos to a supposedly democratic way, responsible way of choosing. Though, it is not bad to support, but we need to assess ourselves and give these people a mind to realize that, we, as individuals, are also rational, responsible voting people. Our acts of bickering will not help our nation, we need to start thinking for that maintaining at the same thinking, is just like also stagnating as a people. We are having problems with sovereignty and ties to some nations, and some of us stay to such doing of endless pin-pointing.

All of us are to be blamed why Binay won a senate seat. Because as we may refer to the common Juans as dumb or 'bobo', we did nothing to make these people realize the implications of irresponsible voting. Thinking, voting, bickering and mudslinging are cultures. They were as a result of decades of incessant portrayal of bad politicking in movies, media, and society which seems to inject the thinking that all of these are the norm. We need to move as a nation and get our acts together. Because we are not reaping anything when go against another as Filipinos. The start is understanding the factors and slowly injecting a new culture of thinking and cooperation. It may be a slow process but it is worth to reap about in the long run.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Iligan's Political Landscape for the May 2013 Elections

Election season is hot season. Summer's heat adds the real heat while the election campaigns add the wavering temperatures that spice up the discussions for the local election.

Among the positions up for grabs this election is the ever contested mayoralty seat of the city. With an incumbent administration plagued with issues regarding Sendong related cash donations from all over the world, it is also plagued with a startling challenge from the opposition ranging from the former mayor running back to the post and a newcomer in the former police director who aims to discipline this city from the ever vices that is happening around. As elections is nearing the home-stretch, the heated arguments are getting hotter, the mudslinging is getting stickier, and, the issues thrown are getting bolder.

In this hotly contested time, I think it is rightful to interact about the ranging issues behind these candidates that are aiming for positions in the city. I shall be going up mainly for the mayoralty seat since this is where the main battle is going on. For the congressional seat, I don't think there is a hotly contested issue here since there is no tight contender that can go against the lone district congressman citing his political machinery, grasp of project related activities and the advantage of the CDF (pork barrel).

Why the mayoralty seat, and not the congressional seat or the council? Because in the mayoralty seat is where the executive is, to see where the city is going: in re-electing incumbent leader, a former mayor and a new comer former police director. Not only that, the position is hotly contested because the congressional seat being with Varf Belmonte is nearing its "homestretch". If he may win this term as his 2nd, he will have a hard time when he graduates in his 3rd term as a "switch" or "swap", that is, a switch or swap for his party with him running for congress in transition to run as the city's next mayor so that his co-party mates can run up for the the lone district congressional seat. Which means, his future career as a coming back congressman after the 3rd term will be depending on how his colleague fares in the mayoralty seat who is the head of the Chinese Chamber of Iligan, the current vice-mayor, Henry Dy.

Henry Dy

As he is the current vice mayor of the city, under the leadership of Mayor Lawrence Cruz, Dy is the heir to the throne if we talk about the Liberal Party. It can be remembered that they were members of the opposition party together with the congressman against Arroyo's administration ticket. Being the same party members, this group jumped from one ticket to another, depending on where the spoon is, joining the bandwagon to where the advantage is. Well, the reality in local politics, where the big chunk of the budget is, join to your advantage which also shows why our place is dealing with the most sloppy of all leadership among the LGUs here in Mindanao if not the whole country. Back to Henry Dy, he is dubbed as the "schoolbuilder", in fact I have seen these school buildings he put together with the Chinese Chamber not so many in numbers but they were a quite help for our schools lacking rooms. But I have to take note that not all schools need buildings, they need more teachers, books, and technology. On an education related field studies, since we had three, we observed that some buildings where of no use. There is no lack of students but lack of manpower and adequate materials. I commend Dy for his dedication to this post from 2004, he has been more open as far as talking is concerned and his command in English is improving over the years. But I have to zero in to his ability to lead. As he is packed with "advises", I would have to see how he leads with his own idea despite being the presiding officer of our Sangguniang Panglungsod--that is to address every necessary problem of the city without needing to listen to anyone, or read a script to answer all the queries. The only minus about Henry Dy is his inability to touch the hearts of the masses and the administration scandal about Sendong Funds especially that a case was already filed against them in the Ombudsman. There were past comments of his not so open gestures in the halls of the city government down to his own personal home.

Franklin M. Quijano

When Franklin won as mayor in 1998, I have to say that our family was for former Mayor Alejo YaƱez and in 2004, I went as one of Lawrence Cruz campaigners. But despite being him against to whom we supported, I have to commend also Quijano because during his time as mayor, I was very "laag" and roamed around the city to the wee-hours of the morning. His men roamed as special task force to go against people who may have knives or firearms with them. People could see the dedication to the city's security and discipline among all levels of the city government. We go separate ways with my mom who works for the city government because she is for the administration while I go on another. This one here is one of those whom I can think of can lead the city very well--with good experience, grasp of know-how, and good command of rules and regulations--as far as making rules work, making memorandum run in their true form.

Col. Celso G. Regencia

When I heard of a police director wanting to run as mayor leaving his post as a colonel in the police force, I said, that man has good determination. If one leaves a position that has high pay not to mention, one no longer needs to go to the first line to deliver his job, so, it is a very risky choice to leave behind a career in the police force with a high position. In the field of the political arena, as far as Iligan is put into scope, there is always backlash in everything for Col. Regencia. One, he is referred as a non-Iliganon although Quijano was also referred to as in 2004. Two, his experience in the political arena is nil (zero). Three, his up and coming leadership is dubbed as "the next Mayor Duterte of Davao" which to some groups is very much against the acts of a peace and orderly civilization. Plus, the human rights would greatly go against this kind of leadership. But his advantage is being able to carry cudgels of his leadership as a former police director, his tactical knowledge of being a special force leader would be used as far as the decisiveness  in the intricate organization of the government system. I just hope he has the organizational skills to enact policies in the city hall and the real grasp of dedication to eradicate vices in the city.

Who among who?

I would say my choice is on the tip of my pen. I give former Franklin Quijano an edge in leadership versus Dy and Regencia. Plus the advantage of the former mayor is that he already have the experience in leading the city. On the other hand, In dedication to his promise in his platform, I give Quijano and Regencia good edge over Dy. And in view of the ability to grasp among business-groups, I have to give Dy and advantage although I can see Quijano and Regencia can do that as well. Whoever you will choose, there is such as thing as a winner. I hope in the coming elections, we will vote to our conscience and when the election ends, we go back to zero and work as one--to help our city back from the ruins.

PC Breakdown: The 2 Basic What To Do's for Non-Techies

 Not a computer geek or you're just a plain house buddy?

Computers breaking down such as hardware failures are a real serious threatening experience if you're not a PC-drenched individual. In the Philippine setting where most people consider PC trouble shooting as a skilled endeavor, one has also to set some personal attributes to consider to enable basic of the basics so you'll know what to do when your PC breaks down. Afterall, when a PC breaks down, the major question that arises is "will I get to retrieve my files again?". For most who just sit and facebook all day, that is not the main issue but rather, the question of  "how do I get to make my PC work again without the hassles?" Well, it would also be a big plus to consider both "retrieving your files" and "making the PC work again" without the hassles. 

From a non-techy idea from yours truly, who only knew how to 'troubleshoot my own ware from the basic point of view' which is software based and backing up. The best thought that comes is not really being able to repair your pc as a non-certified pc builder but rather getting ready for the worst--from the basic thought of what to do's. So, what are these steps? The following below are the basics:

Back-Up Your Files

Considering if you only bought your pc today, since most people are already using Windows 7, the very first thing to do is back up your drive with a system image. To get ready for backup, you must make sure that your system drive has the a good free space to allocate for the size of the back up. You can either save your 'system back up image' to your local drive, which is not the safest thing to do if hard drive failure is concerned, or save it to an external drive like a flash disk or a blank DVD disk. For DVD disks, you would have to choose the 'dual layer' variants which have bigger space at 8 GB than the normal single layers at 4.7 GB space. Why dual layer DVD? If you don't have blue-ray drive on your system yet, then you might have a DVD drive. CD-rom drives are out of the question since most writable CDs can only accommodate 700mb of space. Windows backup images would most likely be sized at 4GB above depending on the point of when you did your back because installed software and other space chugging driver installations would take up also the space. If you have an external drive then you don't have to look for DVDs anymore. There are also 8 GB to 64 GB flash disks on sale at your nearest tech store if you dont have an external hard drive on hand.

For details on Windows back up, you can see it all here on this page here. 

Saving Your Files on the Cloud

There are many free cloud drive services on the net today. First of those is Google Drive which offers 5 GB of free space for you to use. It even makes you use of a client software that makes you save your file on your local drive and at the same time being saved on the cloud. Dropbox, Google Drives nemesis for this kind of service has the same drive capacity with Google Drive at 5 GB while Windows with the recent release of its Windows 8 platform has offered its own cloud service, Skydrive, which offers 7 GB of free cloud space. It has the same client based system that makes you save on the local drive and back it up on the cloud. Whichever you may choose, you have a safe haven for your documents and files which are very vulnerable even with today's external drives and flash disks.

In my experience, I have different Google drive accounts according to what type of files I saved. I have a particular account for my music files, another account for my personal documents, and another account for my computer games. Just to make sure that I no longer have to carry big chunks of cds along if I transfer from one place to another.

With an internet connection, you can just have your files locally to a drive with the need to carry a bunch of load with your files in it. Plus, you don't have to worry about losing your files in case of power surges and other accidents that may destroy your PC.

I hope you find this article helpful for your daily computing as it makes use of some easy steps on how "not to lose your files".