Thursday, September 20, 2012

Chronological History: The People Who Became Barangay Captain of Tambacan, Iligan City from 1966 to Present

A few days ago, I have read in a group page that I personally found which is the Tambacan, Iligan City - NEW GENERATION, a certain "published" article regarding the "Brief History of Barangay Tambacan" which was posted on the internet by way of a scanned photo with the following link: ( The said scanned photo was a school paper of Iligan City National High School-Tambacan Annex called the "Sibol". The posted photo depicted a short history of the barangay and at the same time also provided a short list of history of barangay captains that were able to lead the place. Upon reading the article I was surprised to have not found the name of my late grandfather, William Bill Wright Jr. among the list of people who became barangay captain of our barangay because I have known together with most of the constituents of the barangay that William Bill Wright Jr. was one of those who became the barangay captain of our place. And so with that reason I have to query Mr. Raul Pialago Lluisma of this personal knowledge. He answered this query that it was without his personal knowledge of how "complete" such article was with regard to the photo he posted is on conveying the information it provided in the article. It is to my dismay that there are still loopholes in some educational institutions we have in this barangay that journalism activities such as this school paper are not properly aligned to the basic principles of responsible journalism, conveying factual evidence, and the ability to inquire to be able to get a good grasp of any information they wish to use as a part of an article or opinionated section that they wish to write about in their paper.

- Barrio Tambacan: before 1966 -

With the help of my mother, Josephine Wright-Jariol,  I was able to get a good grasp of basic information regarding the background history of the list of barangay captains we have in the past up to the present. On September 17 - 20, my mother was able to ask and verify few personalities that would be able to provide at least a more accurate information as to who became barangay captains in our barangay. First, mom was able to ask Mr. Chokong Viajante, a bona fide resident of the barangay who was able to personally experience the leadership of these very people who became barangay captains of Tambacan. As narrated to me by my mom with the aid of a list, Mr. Viajante told her that before barangay Tambacan was founded as a barangay on September 5, 1966 by virtue of Resolution No. 202 which became City Ordinance 280, the previous leaders of the barangay, which may be called " barangay chairman" in some areas of the country, are called "tinyente del barrio", which is Spanish term for "lieutenant of the barrio"; also by how it is meant, connoted a person as a leader of a local barrio who were non-elected officals of the time as Tambacan did not yet have the capacity to choose a leader that it may legally called a voted leader. And so these leaders who became "tinyente del barrio" were appointed individuals which is close to how we choose our very "purok" leaders or presidents we have today. According to the list provided by my mother from Mr. Viajante, the "tinyente del barrios" of Barangay Tambacan were Vidal Orellana, Mr. Teofilo Madolin Demetrio Cabante, Felicidad Ybañez, and, the husband of Felicidad Ybañez, Mr. Deogracia Ybañez.

- Barangay Tambacan: 1966 Onwards -

Consequently, my mother told as narrated to her by Mr. Viajante that when Tambacan was founded as a barangay of Iligan City in 1966 by virute of C.O. 280; William "Bill" Wright Jr. became the first person to be elected as barangay captain of Tambacan. This was also supported by Mr. Angelito "Tidong" Gaboy who also by chance met my mother this afternoon on the way home that William "Bill" Wright Jr. served as barangay captain from 1966 to 1978 which comprised of 12 years of service to the people of Tambacan if not only for his untimely death. After Mr. Wright, the next successor was the first councilor during his last term who was Danilo Navalta. But then, Mr. Navalta also met his untimely death, the next successor who was the second councilor during William Wright's term, Minda Actub, filled in the position as barangay captain of Tambacan until Marcos' regime ended in 1986.

- 1986 to Present -

Mr. Viajante stated that when Corazon Aquino became president after the EDSA People Power revolution, Mr. Candelario Lluisma became the chairman to lead Barangay Tambacan by virtue of becoming the winner among top 10 voted candidates for the council of Tambacan. The chairmanship served as the transitional position because of the reorganization that took place during that time as there was also the re-drafting of the Philippine constitution which promulgated the 1987 New Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines the following year. After Mr. Lluisma, it was Mr. Abutanmo's turn to take the lead in the barangay sometime in 1990. After Mr. Abutanmo's turn, again, Mr. Candelario Lluisma became the captain until 1998. From 1998 to present, it was Mr. Celso Ponce who led the council of barangay Tambacan.

So, I have gathered the following lists with regard to the above historical narration that was given to the writer by Mr. Viajante:

-Tinyentes del Barrio (before C.O. 280, prior to September 5, 1966)-

  • Vidal Orellana
  • Mr. Teofilo Madolin
  • Demetrio Cabante
  • Felicidad Ybañez
  • Mr. Deogracia Ybañez

-Barangay Captain (after C.O. 280, after September 5, 1966) -

  • William "Bill" Wright Jr. (first barangay captain, 1966-1978)
  • Danilo Navalta (successor of Wright as first councilor)
  • Minda Actub (successor of Navalta as second councilor)
  • Candelario Lluisma (1986-1990,1994-1998)
  • Mr. Abutanmo (1990 -1994)
  • Celso Ponce (1998 -present)

By far, the list of provided by Mr. Chokong Viajante provided me a glimpse of the past leaders of this barangay which also cleared the unclear information that was posted at an article of the Iligan City National High School - Tambacan Annex' school paper, Sibol. Thanks to the help of my mother, the omission, accidental or not of William "Bill" Wright Jr.'s name from the list of former barangay captains of Tambacan will finally be given justice as of this point in time--at least, in answer to that article in Sibol. To the anonymous writer of that article, I hope we have learned a valuable lesson today that in journalism there is no such thing as a "stone left unturned". Every information must be given justice and that anything written from the point of the pen is mightier than point of the sword.