Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Coconut oil plant fire results to oil spill in Iligan Bay

(Photo of: Ilon Restauro Baguio of Facebook) 
The fire yesterday at Granex Philippines, a known manufacturer of Minola cooking oil, that went into general alarm, resulted into an oil spill as seen by local residents who posted their pictures on popular media sites. The oil spill, which is situated at the shores nearby the fire site, were seen in the early morning today by residents. Though the scale of the oil spill may not be as big as that of what happened near Iloilo and Bacolod a few years ago, the detrimental impact of the spill could affect the recently re-developed coral reef that the local fishermen,NGOs and residents had a few years back.

As of this time, social media practitioners have called on to the respective agencies as well as concerned parties to help clean the oil spill as damage could escalate until further action is done.

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