Sunday, May 19, 2013

Nancy Binay win 'bash'

Winners have been proclaimed and election fever has ended. However, people have been so frantic about some winning candidates in the social media. Among those bickered for winning is Nancy Binay. Most people questioned her reign to the senate seat as her parent, Jejomar Binay is the present vice president of the country. Referred to as a 20-year OJT to the senate seat, social media arguments as well as mainstream media frenzy have ganged up to this lady. And most especially, there are photos posted about this lady that pertains to being the "grilled meat" once she seats among the likes of Miriam Santiago.

Why did she win? And, if ever we can't pinpoint the reasons, to some, the main culprit is the voting majority, the masses that are the D and E category, which most of groups in social media have referred to as the real deal 'masa' or the common Juan. In social media for the past few days, it was this lower categories whom people bent their ire for making 'unwanted' or  'less preferrable winners' for those in the upper classes of the society. Some blamed referred to them as the 'bobo majority' for seating her up in the top 6 of the senate race. Belonging to the social level category where most can only earn barely a dollar per day, common Juan, as it seems, needs to feed his average of five children, need to earn a cent to survive. And then, he could have had parents too who had a hard time trying to earn to send them for school which is not only a recent happening, but rooted way back to the early years of the 80s. So, do we need to remain bickering with this blame game? Do we really need to blame the common Juan or do we need to look at the electoral process?

One has to understand that not only the common Juan is to be changed. The election culture in the Philippines is like a common barrio fiesta in this country--a parade where the popular, the most reveled  seemingly close friend, who has the common features of Juan--simple laid back and 'maka-masa'. It is camaraderie that is connections, kumpares, and common interests. Sad to reiterate but this is true. We always forget that everytime there is election season, some of us gather and be divided because of the seemingly idolization of these political entities. Little do we know, once we become too close-hearted to these individuals, we also add chaos to a supposedly democratic way, responsible way of choosing. Though, it is not bad to support, but we need to assess ourselves and give these people a mind to realize that, we, as individuals, are also rational, responsible voting people. Our acts of bickering will not help our nation, we need to start thinking for that maintaining at the same thinking, is just like also stagnating as a people. We are having problems with sovereignty and ties to some nations, and some of us stay to such doing of endless pin-pointing.

All of us are to be blamed why Binay won a senate seat. Because as we may refer to the common Juans as dumb or 'bobo', we did nothing to make these people realize the implications of irresponsible voting. Thinking, voting, bickering and mudslinging are cultures. They were as a result of decades of incessant portrayal of bad politicking in movies, media, and society which seems to inject the thinking that all of these are the norm. We need to move as a nation and get our acts together. Because we are not reaping anything when go against another as Filipinos. The start is understanding the factors and slowly injecting a new culture of thinking and cooperation. It may be a slow process but it is worth to reap about in the long run.

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