Monday, May 20, 2013

Eurovision 2013 winner is Danish Emmelie de Forest

American Idol, The Voice, British Got Talent, and so on, the world has witnessed promising talents that became stars for the past decade or so now. Even here in the Philippines, media outlets have scrambled upon taking rights to these talent search franchises that have take the world by storm. In fact, this country has already renowned itself for bringing new faces that represent Filipino talent to the world stage like Charice, Arnel Pineda (The Journey), Lea Salonga, and etc. They all highlighted the talents that would bring the world into awe.

Recently, the Eurovision 2013 has produced also a good exposure that tries to represent each country in Europe to a song contest. I think this the European equivalent of the Asian Song Festival where Filipinos have also showcased their talent in singing although this singing contest was found in 1956. Since then, the contest is broadcast not only in Europe but also around the world including the United States, the Philippines, and all other countries. It is the most watched non-sporting event globally with an estimated 100 million to 600 million viewers globally. Recently, the Eurovision 2013 has just presented us their newest winning contender in Emmelie de Forest who performed a folk rendition mixed with a techno-pop sound in her performance. She is a 20 year old Danish, represented her country by winning the contest there singing, "Only Teardrops" for which she clinched the title at a performance in Malmo, Sweden. From being selected to represent her country, she slugged it out among the different singers across Europe. Among the notable winners of this contest was Celine Dion who won for Switzerland (1988), Julio Iglesias for Spain, Bucks Fizz for UK (1981), and Abba for Sweden (1974).

The show is said to set these nations and part from their differences to get united in music. It is a big production that lately catered to about 26 songs for viewers to watch in just one sitting. For a country born with lots of singers, the Philippines has never heard of such big extravaganza of song contest the brings in a lot of viewing population from one continent towards the globe.

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